At its most fundamental, running is about the internal struggle that invigorates us and breaks us down. As winter descends upon us, the benefits and challenges that come with running are amplified. We willingly meet this rigour because it makes us stronger, tougher, and enables us to reach higher.


Running is often a solitary experience, but not always, and when it is the coldest, most arduous, and we hope that #springiscoming, and really it is months away, we find the added strength to endure and overcome in the camaraderie of friends and fellow runners.

Friendship and a sense of connection is added driver for commitment. Kindred spirits can provide us with accountability when we need it, ensuring our presence and follow through. Other times these relationships can push us, giving us the symbol of competition and goal to aspire to.

Sometimes this sense of camaraderie allows us to release the tension built up in our lives, from training or work, and provides an outlet for fun, refreshing our minds and bodies. Fulfilment always has a softer side one to balance the #Sisu, the trials and the suffering. Laughter has a way of forging new, more encompassing bonds and more complete perspective.

No place is inhospitable with friends.