Karhu looks to the sky for inspiration on the latest LEGEND release.

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Karhu ES

The “Linnut” Pack Part 2 takes flight, paying homage to the thriving Finnish bird watching tradition. Local bird-watchers guide bird-loving tourists in search of exotic species like the red-flanked blue tail, hawk owls, Siberian jays and white-tailed eagles. To the unfamiliar observer, spotting a rare bird in the wild is similar to finding an exclusive pair of sneakers. The Linnut (Finnish for Birds) Pack’s colour palette is reminiscent of the rare collection of species found in Finnish nature. The Fusion 2.0 remains a salute to the original Fusion model from 1996 when it was the most technical running shoe in the collection. This second release features a five pair combination of the Aria and Synchron Classic. The material selection of the Aria consists of soft dyed suede, a perforated suede M-logo and toe box.

Karhu ES

The colour blocking between the heel, arch and toe creates a bold look like the feathers of the birds they are modelled after. The Synchron Classic remains true to the original version from the 90s with its iconic "Synchron" lacing across the forefoot. The colour ways appear more subtle and earthy with hues of blue, green and brown to provide a natural feel. Karhu invites you to go on a bird watch outing and challenges you to spot the Linnut Pack in the wild!