There is something special about running on a warm sunny day in the quintessential silence where the only sounds you hear are rhythmic footsteps on the ground, birds chirping, and busy cars growling behind uncountable number of pine trees.

Especial, Running
Karhu ES

That exquisite running experience can be juxtaposed to sitting long hours in the man-made cave called the “office.”  Jarmo Ikonen is an industrial designer and an inventor who constantly needs to think differently. Coming up with new designs while being chased by haunting deadlines are his daily endeavors. Being a responsible family man and a worker with long hours sitting in his office battling with new ideas and designs has become Ikonen's average day. Stuck inside the man-made cave, his body and thoughts become cumbersome to carry on.

Karhu ES

Ikonen loves running in nature- there is no wi-fi in the forest, but he finds a better connection. He starts to see perfect designs in nature which have evolved over the last millions of years, and discover natural ways to solve the problems: flowers will close their pedals at night to protect their cores, pine cones have a system to adjust gaps between the scales, and every plant's leaves and seeds are geometrically shaped for optimal support with the perfect packaging around them - the list is endless.

Having run 10km with only 5km left to get back home, Ikonen thinks of how wonderful it is to be able to run and be free on this beautiful summer night. He is refilled with positive energy and full of ideas. After all, there is nothing to be worried about; with some Sisu in your mind and hear, your life is full of joy. Just remember, happiness is a way of travel not a destination.