Look for the Karhu “Villapaita” Pack to hit select stores around the globe on September 2nd, 2016.

Especial, Lifestyle

Take an autumn stroll through the Nordics and you are certain to notice vibrantly coloured wool sweaters with attractive patterns on many of the locals. These countries have mastered the craftsmanship of the time-honoured wool garments. In Finland there are still a handful of manufacturers who create these traditional nature inspired, graphic wool sweaters. Karhu draws on this compelling attire as inspiration for the latest release: the “Villapaita” Pack. 

Now don’t be fooled, as these are not your grandmother’s ugly Christmas sweaters. Finnish wool garments are of the highest quality level to ensure warmth through the cold temperatures of fall and winter. Maintaining an exceptional level of manufacturing, Karhu constructs the Villapaita Pack with coloured pigskin suedes that are soft to the touch.

 The pack consists of 4 colour ways split between the Fusion 2.0 and Aria models. The Fusion 2.0 is the first style of the pack to capture the Villapaita theme through the use of subtle hits of purple on the upper and outsole rubber while the other features bright red accents. The hidden “M-logo” ghillie lacing structure gives the silhouette an outdoorsy feel while the overlays create an athletic appearance. 

The second model of the pack is the mono sock constructed Aria, which has quickly become a comfortable favourite in the Karhu collection. The muted saturation of grey is contrasted with deep accents of blue and bold tones of red for the first colour way. The second option features calming notes of blue, faint tans and greys reminiscent of the fall sky.