Following the brand’s tradition for innovation and quality, Karhu turned to the latest European fabric technology and production available for its launch of Karhu Running Wear.

Made exclusively from European fabrics.

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Karhu ES

Styling for Karhu Running Wear is based on Premium Casual Tech, a concept that blends a casual look with premium fabrics and fit for a highly functional construction. The collection receives an exclusive embroidered logo in iconic Celeste Blue to celebrate Karhu’s 100th anniversary. For its centennial year, Karhu wants the launch of Running Wear to be distinguishable in a genuine manner. We turned to our trusted sources in Italy which allowed us to use a higher quality material pallet, and more experienced pattern makers to provide a runner the most comfortable fit and highest level performance.

Karhu ES

The styling is unique with more premium casual branding and a look that is acceptable before, during and after the run. Runners today expect functionality but prefer a look that is more inclusive and natural. The collection for men and women consists of seamless tops, t-shirts, shorts and a breathable, waterproof jacket.

Karhu Running Wear will be available May 23th exclusively on Karhu.com.