Karhu, Finland’s legendary running brand, has partnered with Fleet Feet, the US specialty running retail leader to develop the Ikoni, the first running shoe constructed from the data points of over 100,000 customer 3D foot scans..

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These scans, and specifically 7 of 12 total data points captured from the scans, helped inform the build of the shoe last, a 3D mold which serves as the basis for shoe construction and accounts for shoe dimensions including heel width, instep height, and toe box depth, among other points.

The data comes from the 3D scanning technology fit id™, which Fleet Feet launched in-store in 2017 as a new tool to help its outfitters further personalize product recommendations for customers by analyzing data pertaining to foot shape and size. Using the aggregate data supplied from Fleet Feet, Karhu, the 100-year-old Finnish running brand that Fleet Feet began an exclusive U.S. relationship with in 2016, began constructing a running shoe that accounted for noted differences in key data points, including heel width, instep height, and forefoot height..

 Designed to distribute force to targeted areas of the shoe, the Ikoni amplifies momentum and efficiency that can lead to a longer and faster run. After very positive wear test runs, Karhu moved forward with final production. The Ikoni will launch in-store and online on Sept. 7, followed by Karhu expo booth experiences at both the Chicago, Venice (IT) and New York City marathons.