Amplified Rolling Effect for every runner.

Novedades, Running

The lightweight Flow 6 IRE, which stands for Increased Rolling Effect, features a shorter Fulcrum lever to assist a performance oriented runner with a faster transition from heel to toe. The entirely seamless upper is aggressively designed with Karhu’s restyled bear logo laterally and a supportive welding system on the medial side for a snug fit. The extended toe box provides a lightweight shell for a proper fit during cornering and toe off.

Karhu ES

The versatile Fluid 5 MRE, which stands for Maximum Rolling Effect, features an asymmetrical Fulcrum lever. This lever propels the runner forward while the additional medial volume ensures a supportive platform. The softer forefoot midsole allows for a smooth transition to the push o phase. The upper utilizes an integrated lacing system for a personalized fit in the midfoot while the forefoot mesh allows for toe off without any obstructing overlays. Weighing in at 300g/10.5 oz. and with a heel to forefoot o set of 20mm/12mm, this everyday training model chases performance and comfort simultaneously to deliver a highly efficient rolling effect for all pursuits. The Flow6 IRE weighs in at a mere 260g/9 oz. and with a heel to forefoot o set of 18mm/12mm, this flexible trainer ensures you will pursue personal best performances and break finishing tapes this spring.

Each model comes with a new precision molded insole that hugs the runner’s foot for a comfortable step in fit and feel. The midsoles of both the Flow 6 IRE and Fluid 5 MRE are made from two types of foam: a Protect Foam compound improves shock absorption while the Propel Foam used in the Fulcrum encourages the rolling effect.

Paying homage to Karhu’s 100 year anniversary in 2016, both models come in Finnish Blue and present the revamped bear logo.