Back in 1977, the Karhu ChampionAir made its debut and stayed as a fixed value until 1984. Forty years later, Karhu brings back the international hit that sold over 1,000,000 pairs globally.

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When it first launched, the ChampionAir was known for the patented Karhu Air Cushion midsole and the colourful design caught the attention of competitive runners.

Yes, it’s true. Karhu was the first sports brand to develop a midsole system using Air Cushion. The Air Cushion under the heel and the elevated arch support considerably reduced strain on the knees, pelvis and small of the back.
Karhu created the ChampionAir with bright colours as Finnish track athletes requested more colourful competition shoes. Not only was the ChampionAir a popular silhouette in Finland, but also in countries like Sweden, Spain and The Netherlands.

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In fact, when sport shops in Amsterdam received the model, the queues were reported to be 200 people deep. Furthering the legend of the Karhu ChampionAir, it is catalogued that members of the Spanish Royal family were known to wear the featured model in their youth.

The ChampionAir is constructed with a dual density top surface midsole with Air Cushioning in the heel. The upper wraps the foot with original nylon mesh for breathability and colour blocked suede to provide support. The traditional “M-logo” construction helps to provide support through the arch for additional comfort