A new year has arrived and with it comes excitement for adventure, change and newness.

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Finns know spring is right around the corner, but with snow still on the ground, activity out in nature remains quiet.

Karhu ES

Inspired by the calmness and tranquillity that comes with a fresh start, Karhu kicks off 2018 with new colours of the Aria silhouette. This Aria release features two colour ways (Boa / June Bug) and (Real Teal / Black), and consists of a mix between pigskin suede and soft nylon mesh.

The material selection, in combination with the round hiking laces and white speckled midsole, gives the Aria pack an outdoor feel with a sporty look.

Lastly, Karhu improves the shape of the Aria model by thinning the mono-sock construction and providing a more secure fit around the foot.