The Ikoni Ortix, the first shoe Shaped by fit id®, is updated with bold fall colors. Originally built from over 100,000 3D scans of runners’ feet, the Ikoni provides a custom like fit straight out of the box.

Novedades, Running

Outfitted with a half length fulcrum and a seamlessly engineered mesh upper, the Ikoni provides a quick transition and comfortable fit. The Ikoni works for many types of runners ranging from the casual fitness enthusiast to the athlete putting in serious weekly mileage.

The Ikoni offers a light on foot feel and smooth transition off the flexible forefoot design. Using the aggregate data supplied from Fleet Feet, Karhu began constructing a running shoe that accounts for noted differences in data points, including heel width, instep height, and forefoot height. The new collection of the Karhu Ikoni is available now at select specialty retailers, Karhu.com and at the Karhu Concept store in Helsinki, Finland.