In 1916, Karhu was founded in a small workshop in downtown Helsinki. As Karhu expanded the product offering and distribution, we never forgot our roots. To pay homage to the city that shaped Karhu, we present the “Neighbourhood” Pack.

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The collection consists of the ChampionAir and Albatross 82 models in original and seasonal inspired colours that represent six distinctive Helsinki neighbourhoods: Punavuori, Kallio, Töölö, Lauttasaari, Eira, and Kruununhaka. This season, represent your favourite community with the Karhu “Helsinki Neighbourhood Pack!”

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Punavuori is an old working class neighbourhood in the southern part of Helsinki. The direct translation, “Red Hill,” dates back to the 17th century. Nowadays, the neighbourhood is known for being Helsinki’s design district, but back in the day it was infamous during the alcohol prohibition era. Smugglers would sell alcohol and keep their base in Punavuori. Notable neighbourhood landmarks include the numerous cranes by the harbour.


Situated in the northern part of the city centre and located atop of a hill, Kallio is known for its steep streets. The neighbourhood’s name can be directly translated to “solid rock.” Nowadays, it is mostly known for being the liberal and youthful area and the hub for the Helsinki nightlife with a great selection of restaurants, bars, and clubs. The neighbourhood’s landmarks are the impressive Kallio Church and Bear Park (Karhupuisto Park).

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Split into Etu-Töölö and Taka-Töölö, the neighbourhood is situated on the west side of the city centre. One of the most famous sculptures is situated in Taka-Töölö, the Sibelius monument, is dedicated to famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. Pastel mixed with grey granite is the look and feel of this rather calm neighbourhood.


 Lauttasaari, “the island of happiness,” is the neighbourhood connecting Helsinki to the archipelago. Here, you can find the bridge between Helsinki and Espoo. And, right next to the bridge, one of our favourite landmarks is situated, Café Mutteri.

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The neighbourhood that is in the southern part of the city is known for its buildings designed by famous Finnish architect, Lars Sonck. The neighbourhood’s landmark is the Eira hospital, recognized for its characteristic yellow and red colours, which was also created by architect Lars Sonck.


 Right by the harbour, on the east side of the centre, you will find the Kruununhaka neighbourhood. The market in the harbour is a great place to go to on the weekend. Don’t forget to visit the famous Relandersgrund, a red light ship, which nowadays is a café, known by every citizen of Helsinki.